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Greetings from the Table Dragon

Sep 1, 2017

This is - or shortly will be - the home of The Table Dragon's podcast episodes.  

A lot of tabletop-related questions get asked at panels or in hallways at Dragon*Con, and many of those are mere tips of proverbial icebergs.  Given the pace of the event, there just isn't time to really dive in and explore/dissect/discuss those sorts of subjects right then and there.  A shame, right? 

Then we remembered the internet is a thing, and humanity has had the ability to record sound for, like, 140 years.  Eureka.

Enter The (Table) Dragon - a question-driven show about tabletop gaming inspired by various interactions we've had.  As Rucht Lilavivat heads the Tabletop Gaming Track at the event, this is Dragon*Con's *official* tabletop podcast.

We have recorded a few shows so far, which we plan to release in the coming months.  The beginning focus is on tabletop roleplaying games (as that's where a lot of questions come from), but we plan to hit other forms of tabletop, such as board games and tabletop miniatures games, here and there in the future.  Our schedules are busy, but we're hoping to have something to release at least once a quarter or so.

We're just starting out, and we're still learning a lot of things.  It's basically just us having the kinds of conversations we normally have (albeit edited for coherency), but we hope this show will be helpful, entertaining, or some combination thereof.

Thanks, and enjoy.