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Nov 19, 2017

In which we discuss the various forms of "problematic" tabletop RPG players we've encountered, and how we've addressed those issues + some related tangents.

- Is there really a problem?

- Differing play styles / what people want out of the game / knowing your group

- The Annoying Player

- The Disruptive Player

- The...

Sep 1, 2017

In which we kick around some tips for those new to running tabletop roleplaying games - i.e., "GMing" - and what to do when you're setting up your first session.

- A game, and knowledge thereof

- A Setting

- Something To Do

- The Preface and First Scene

- Pacing

- When things go wrong...

Greetings from the Table Dragon

Sep 1, 2017

This is - or shortly will be - the home of The Table Dragon's podcast episodes.  

A lot of tabletop-related questions get asked at panels or in hallways at Dragon*Con, and many of those are mere tips of proverbial icebergs.  Given the pace of the event, there just isn't time to really dive in and explore/dissect/discuss...